Bioggio, 10th April 2021

With a big toast remotely, through the Teams platform, Giuseppe Anguilla, president and CEO of Jakin Sa, wanted to present a series of activities to the whole company to commemorate the ten years since its foundation, which took place in 2011.

On 10 March, together with the vice-president Paola Spagnolo, Giuseppe Anguilla recalled the initial phase of Jakin’s original start-up, when the ceo developed the plan to offer pharmaceutical companies a medical information service.

An entrepreneurial challenge capable of meeting the interest and then the favor of important groups, which also bet on the service for equivalent drugs, for which the action of informants was not deemed necessary up until then.

“It was exciting, I confess” wrote Giuseppe Anguilla in his blog, “to see the faces of many on my PC monitor: each face is a story, a human and professional journey, memories of efforts and successes shared “.

The CEO also recalled “the beginnings of our common journey, the desire and commitment to offer an opportunity to many colleagues, who were suddenly out of the market due to a severe crisis in the sector”.

The virtual meetup of 10 March, explained Giuseppe Anguilla, “was only the first of 10 events that will help us to remember the path of this decade and the human and professional values that, as then, keep us together”.