Enhancing the Value of Your Products

We are the sector’s first international group in the European market in enhancing products’ and companies’ value through growth of the most important element: human resources.

The Jakin Group is totally convinced that all management and development activities of companies revolve around people, committed to the project as an integral part of a team, whose components work in synergy at all levels.

The Jakin Group therefore turns its eyes to a company horizon where all stakeholders benefit from continuous growth, as measured in terms of value and efficiency.



Jakin Group provides customized solutions for major pharma public companies. Founded in 2011 in Lugano, Switzerland, Jakin has been able to establish its leadership on the Italian market. Also able to operate worldwide, we enhance your pharmaceutical product and the value of your company.


Syndicated or dedicated sales force – primary, specialty, hospital, payer targets

Product nursing
Market analysis – launch, mature products, MS consolidation

Sales potential evaluation


We address the needs of a product and create a line that has the correct number of FTEs and a tailored number of visits per target. We use a CRM to monitor adequate coverage and frequency.

Alongside with our partners, we set objectives which become central to network management (MBO model) in terms of market share penetration, communication, and positioning.

We believe that the human element is fundamental. We value this with on-going training and development activities, from a technical, communication, and commercial perspective.

„The solution for the
pharmaceutical business“



associate field force


medical information lines for major pharma companies

Jakin News

A different way to celebrate 10 years of business

Jakin SA was born from an idea of its founder Giuseppe Anguilla, but its success depends above all on the people who are part of it. To make them part of the celebration, we decided to involve a few employees and partners by asking to share their personal experience at Jakin. A few nice and […]

2021 we celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Jakin SA

Since its foundation there have been many challenges, but above all the successes achieved. The merit goes first of all to those who believed in it, from the founder and CEO Giuseppe Anguilla, to the team of collaborators, but above all to the customers who rely on us every day by choosing the professionalism and […]

10×10, Jakin opens the celebrations for the tenth anniversary

Bioggio, 10th April 2021 With a big toast remotely, through the Teams platform, Giuseppe Anguilla, president and CEO of Jakin Sa, wanted to present a series of activities to the whole company to commemorate the ten years since its foundation, which took place in 2011. On 10 March, together with the vice-president Paola Spagnolo, Giuseppe […]

Jobs at Jakin


In the list below you will find all the current job positions within our company (only available in Italian).

To send your application, you can click on the job posting you are interested in and send your updated CV. If your profile is matching our vacancy, you will be called by the HR department. If your profile doesn’t match the job, you will receive an email.

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