Jakin SA was born from an idea of its founder Giuseppe Anguilla, but its success depends above all on the people who are part of it.

To make them part of the celebration, we decided to involve a few employees and partners by asking to share their personal experience at Jakin.

A few nice and breaf interviews resulted, as part of a celebration which will last throughout this important year.

Paola Spagnolo

Wife of the founder Giuseppe Anguilla and backbone of the Group, Paola Spagnolo is one of those who have been part of the project since its birth.

Challenges, goals, and some “special” initiatives are part of her experience at Jakin SA.

Ludovica Fringuello

Ludovica Fringuello is 24 years old and the youngest in the Jakin team.

Her testimony gives voice to the future of the company and of an entire sector, which still focuses on people and on the relationships Jakin has been able to build through the trust gained in the field.